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Greek Life: 4 Benefits of Joining a Fraternity or Sorority

If you think about going Greek in college, you probably think of depictions of Greek life in movies like Animal House and Legally Blonde. But there’s so much more to be gained from involvement in a fraternity or sorority that isn’t depicted on film. In fact, going Greek will improve your college experience in a major way.

Curious about the benefits of joining a fraternity or sorority while you’re in college? We’ve got you covered! Read on to learn all about going Greek!

1. You’ll Gain an Insta-Family

Transitioning to college life isn’t always easy, especially when you don’t know a whole lot of people. One of the best ways to make instant friends is to join a fraternity or sorority in your first year of college. You’ll get to spend a ton of time with your brothers and sisters, and you’ll even be assigned a “big” brother or sister after you’re accepted.

You’ll also get to expand your college family as your fraternity or sorority admits new members. It’s a great way to come away from college with a ton of close friendships!

2. Alumni Networks

Everyone dreads the post-college job search. Today’s job market is super competitive, and while there are a lot of things that can set you apart from other applicants such as going to a great school, getting experience via internships, and making good grades, sometimes you need a little bit more of an edge.

For you and the rest of your classmates, this might mean searching for jobs via your school’s alumni network, but if you go Greek, you’ll have a super-exclusive alumni network of your own.

3. Make a Difference

Every fraternity and sorority has a mission with goals and ideals they strive to reach. Sure, media makes it look like partying is the number one priority in Greek life, that’s way further down the rung of priorities. One of the most important things Greek organizations do is philanthropy.

Greek organizations meet their philanthropy goals by organizing fun fundraisers for charitable organizations or by volunteering at animal shelters or nursing homes. You’ll get to learn so much about your local community and feel good about making a difference, too.

4. The Memories (and Memorabilia)!

Perhaps the best part of joining a fraternity or sorority in college is the memories you’ll make. From late-night study sessions (with lots of snacks) to formals to rush, you’ll have no shortage of memory-making opportunities.

On top of all the great memories, you’ll make as a member of a Greek organization, you’ll also have a ton of memorabilia like t-shirts, fraternity coins, and photographs to remind you of your college years. 

Ready to Join a Fraternity or Sorority?

Whether you’re interested in joining a fraternity or sorority for the great parties and lifelong memories, or if you’re more interested in networking opportunities, there’s something to be gained from Greek life for all kinds of people. If you’re headed off to college, now is the time to find a fraternity or sorority that will suit you! Happy rushing!

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