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San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney Defending the rights of the accused in San Diego

One of the premier San Diego criminal lawyers, Vik Monder has worked hard to gain his reputation as one of the most powerful criminal defense lawyers in the area. He dedicates himself to providing each client with the best possible defense. Each case is unique and he realizes that his clients come to him when they are facing major struggles. His level of success is proof of the type of service he provides to each client. He is second to none when it comes to taking the difficult cases and achieving the desired results.

Vik Monder took on complex and extremely difficult federal criminal cases. His primary area of study, criminal trial advocacy, allows him to understand all aspects of the case and shows him what he needs to do to protect his client’s rights as well as their future. He gained his reputation and years of experience by taking on some of the most well-known murder cases in the area.

Vik Monder is also well-versed in the Constitution and uses that knowledge as the basis for building many of his cases. He supports and promotes the Speedy Trial Rights of each client and makes sure their day in court is scheduled as soon as possible. He often provides his direct line phone number to his clients so they understand just how important their questions and concerns are. He encourages them to call 619-405-0063 whenever they have a question about their case.

As a highly respected San Diego criminal lawyer, Vik Monder works with other attorneys in the area in many different capacities. He has offered second opinions and offers his services to local television news. As a legal analyst, Vik Monder helps to educate the public on several legal issues that are trending throughout the area.

Vik Monder became an attorney to help change the tide of how legal cases were handled. He saw how unfair and biased the system had become and made a vow to himself to be part of the legal solution. He offers confidential, free consultations so his clients can get a better understanding of how he would handle their case and what their chances are of winning the case. He takes pride in his reputation and maintains a high standard of ethics that makes him stand out among other local attorneys.

If you are looking for the best San Diego Criminal Lawyer, call Vik Monder today. He is well known throughout the area for his tenacity and diligence when protecting his client’s rights. His clients aren’t just people he represents. They become a part of the Monder Law family. He encourages his clients to visit his office at 424 F St in San Diego, California or call at 619-405-0063 and talk to one of his highly trained, professional staff. You can also visit the office website at http://www.monderlaw.com. Don’t let your case go unnoticed. Call Monder Law Group today!


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