Consumer Alert Now – Mass Tort vs. Class Action: What is the Difference?

Manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies should produce drugs and products that are safe to use. However, they sometimes release defective products into the market, causing harm to their users. People injured by such drugs or products have the option of suing the manufacturer directly or alongside other individuals. Defective Drug Lawsuits often have many plaintiffs who have suffered harm from using the product. If the plaintiffs were to sue individually, the courts would have to deal with so many cases about the same issues. Courts avoid such issues by combining these lawsuits into mass torts or class action lawsuits. These lawsuits have similarities such as a common defendant, harm from using a defective drug, and a large number of individuals who suffered harm. The Differ...

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Money-Saving College Hacks: How to Live on the Cheap While in College

Planning on attending college? Getting a college degree is a great way to open up opportunities and make yourself more marketable to employers. But college is expensive. From tuition to housing to meal plans, the expenses add up quickly and it's quite a hefty sum. College is an expensive investment, so you're likely wondering how you can cut costs wherever you can. Here are some money-saving college hacks to help you get your degree without amassing lots of debt. Compare Textbook Prices Textbooks are an expensive, but necessary part of college. However, you can likely find a cheaper copy than what your university book store has available. Compare the costs of textbooks to make sure you're getting the best deal.  Additionally, your college ...

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10 Best Thumb Drives for College Students

When you head off to college, there are a lot of new things to be excited about. Who will you become friends with? How will you get involved in campus activities? And think about all the new knowledge you’ll be gathering! Rigorous classwork and assignments are going to challenge you. You don’t want any additional stress from not having the right tools to keep your grades up.  A good thumb drive is essential for college students these days, but what are the differences between them? Continue reading to find out the best thumb drives to help you ace your college courses. Why Do You Need a Thumb Drive? You may be wondering why having a thumb drive is so important as a college student. There are a number of ways that having one can help you keep up with your st...

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