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A Beginner’s Guide: What to Expect During Your First Cruise

Did you know that 28.5 million people went on a cruise last year? Consider booking one for your next vacation.

Are you wondering what to expect on a cruise? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over how to prepare for a cruise.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out.

How Much Money Should I Bring?

For most cruises, the food and drink are covered in your fare. You may want to tip talented servers or bartenders and room service.

Go to the bank and get one-dollar bills. Aim to budget a certain amount for the day.

You also might want to take out some money in the local currency when you head to different ports. This way, you won’t have to use a foreign ATM and get high exchange fees.

What to Do If You Have Any Restrictions

Do you have food allergies or need help boarding the ship? Let the crew know of any unique circumstances you have.

You can also contact the cruise line you are sailing with beforehand. This way, they can give you tips and provide you with guidance.

If you book online, there may be a spot where you can add a note about your needs.

Traveling with Small Children

Most cruise lines will ask that you bring your stroller and diapers. Find out if your cruise line has a stroller to borrow.

Some cruise lines even have a store where you can order diapers and have them sent to your cabin beforehand. Select a cabin with a bathtub so your kids can still enjoy baths.

Do I Need Reservations?

For the specialty restaurants, most cruises will ask that you make reservations. You may need to do this for any spa treatments you’d like or to see shows at the theater.

Log into your account to find out if you can make reservations there. Otherwise, chat with your travel agent and ask if they can make these bookings.

Heading to the Cruise Terminal

If you’re driving, have directions to the parking area ahead of time. This way, you won’t have to fumble around for directions on your phone while navigating a busy center. Bring a print copy of your ticket so you can show security.

If you are flying in, have the address written down in case your driver doesn’t speak your language. Bring cash for payment. Some taxi drivers won’t accept a credit card.

Don’t Rush Your Arrival and Departure

If you want to get off first, you will stand in lines for a long time. Most cruise ships carry up to 4,000 passengers.

To reduce stress, take your time when boarding. This way, you won’t spend an extended period waiting in a crowded line.

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Now You Know What to Expect on a Cruise

We hope you found this guide on cruising helpful. Get excited about your trip now that you know what to expect on a cruise.

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