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California Criminal Defenders – When You Are Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault

What’s more stressful than being falsely accused of sexual assault? A false allegation could harm your business, career, or even soil your name. Wrath, distress, and shame are emotions that bombard you when facing such a charge. You worry about your community stigmatizing and ostracizing your relatives and kids. The prosecutor could drag you in court even for the minutest sexual assault claim. Also, arresting officers have little discretion, so they must arrest you if someone reports you for sexual assault. Police pursue all assault allegations, whether grabbing someone else's buttocks or unconsented patting. After arrest, you could wonder what step to take next! If the prosecution charges you with sexual assault, you could get help from a California criminal attorney and possib...

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Consumer Alert Now – Mass Tort vs. Class Action: What is the Difference?

Manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies should produce drugs and products that are safe to use. However, they sometimes release defective products into the market, causing harm to their users. People injured by such drugs or products have the option of suing the manufacturer directly or alongside other individuals. Defective Drug Lawsuits often have many plaintiffs who have suffered harm from using the product. If the plaintiffs were to sue individually, the courts would have to deal with so many cases about the same issues. Courts avoid such issues by combining these lawsuits into mass torts or class action lawsuits. These lawsuits have similarities such as a common defendant, harm from using a defective drug, and a large number of individuals who suffered harm. The Differ...

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